About us

This is/was the blog site for the ‘Living Well Wester Hailes’ Project.

Living well was, and continues to be, a multi-agency collaborative based in Western Hailes, Edinburgh. This blog was used to highlight good practice and share challenging issues with other like minded projects taking place across Scotland from 2014 to 2017.

We continue to pursue multi-agency working and collaboration in our local area but, the odd update aside, we don’t propose to keep updating the blog – it’s original purpose having been served.

Our closing livingwell report  outlines much of our learning, and experience both positive and negative. Short story: collaboration to address shared community issues can be evidenced to be both effective and enjoyable; the ability to support – or undermine – this work is an overlooked but key responsibility of Local Authorities and NHS Boards; continual unnecessary bureaucratic change abrogates local responsibility and damages communities.

Our medical practice, which was only one strand of the work, continues to try and make sense of being a ‘community facing’ GP service. I have started a new blog for this, admittedly niche, but important subject! You can read my thoughts here.

Finally I wish to thank all our colleagues, collaborators and contributors over the last few years.

Dr Peter Cairns

September 2018

Original blog continues below:

We’re nothing special: just a group of Social Workers, General Practitioners, Nurses, Community Workers, Teachers and local People who share a common interest in making our local community a better place to live and work well in.

Our local community happens to be Wester Hailes, Southwest Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our local challenges won’t be that different from other communities across Scotland and elsewhere

We’ve learnt a lot from reading and sharing other peoples blogs and experiences, so its seems the right thing to put down a few thoughts of our own.

We’re simple people, so most of the thoughts will be simple.

This blog post might be a good a starting point:

What is the Living Well Wester Hailes Project?

or here are some thoughtful write up’s from folk outside the project:

Rocket science and soul food in Wester Hailes

Lessons from Wester Hailes in Collaborative Leadership

Thanks for your interest in our work!

You can contact us through the respective services in Wester Hailes, or if preferred, add a comment on the blog.

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